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As the name suggests, Barbell Samurai has a strong focus on barbell-based training for strength. We also use a variety of modalities of interval training for conditioning; including sprints, sleds, battles ropes and farmers carries. Our coaches are unique in the ways they train you and their focus areas are varied, all while maintaining a shared vision towards improving performance and quality of life through strength training.

Following in the footsteps of the Samurai, we place a high value on patience, discipline, respect, self-control and loyalty – all of which inform the way we conduct our business and the way we treat the gym environment. This is something we also expect from our members.

Patience in understanding that good results take time and training should be approached as such.

Discipline in sticking to the plan that has been set out to ensure we get the most out of our training.

Respect for the environment we are in, without which the environments ceases to exist.

Self-control in not allowing ourselves to be distracted from the task at hand and committing to our goals.

Loyalty to our members in providing the best workout environment that we possibly can for them.

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Gym Culture

Barbell Samurai is both a serious training zone and a community of people supporting each other to be better, strive for their goals and live by the attributes of the Samurai. We aren’t your cookie-cutter gym, we are involved in every step of your health journey providing any assistance we can from great lifting beats to personalised, professional performance and nutrition advice. Barbell Samurai is a space for you to feel supported, driven and focussed in your goal-getting.

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Our Training Methods

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again - Barbell Samurai focuses on improving your life through strength training. We aim to help build your body into a stronger, more resilient version of yourself. Whether you’re an athlete with aspirations to get fitter, faster and stronger, an office worker who wants to get through your day with less pain and stiffness or an average joe (or jane) looking to build a body you can be proud of - we can help. Strength, performance and overall body health.



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