The idea of Barbell Samurai was born in the minds of the directors, Mason and Shawn at the beginning of 2015. After working in commercial gyms for years and seeing the constant change in trainers, and fad training methods they decided to try and break free from the shackles placed upon them. Not long after the seeds of change had been planted in their consciousness they encountered Steven, a like minded trainer with a similar passion for helping people through training, as well as a similar desire to create an environment free of fad based training.

After almost two years of planning and preparing, the three found a genuine diamond in the rough location to create their vision. A broken down warehouse in Deepdene that had become over run by possums and worn down after years of neglect. Six months of planning, working, constructing and fine tuning that once run down Deepdene location (with the help of a few friends that have signed the contributions board) we are excited to present a gym that we can be proud to call our own, Barbell Samurai.

Barbell Samurai; as the name suggests, has a strong focus on Barbell based training for strength. We also use a variety of modalities of interval training for conditioning, including sprints, sleds, battles ropes and farmers carries. While all three trainers have different ways of training people and different focus areas, we all share the same values in improving performance and quality of life through strength training.

Following on from the lead of Samurai, we place a high value on attributes such as; patience, discipline, respect, self-control and loyalty. These all impact the way we conduct our business and the way we treat the gym environment, and we expect the same from the members.

Patience with training, and understanding that results take time.

Discipline in sticking to the plan that has been set out to ensure we get the most out of our training.

Respect for the environment we are in, without which the environments ceases to exist.

Self-control in not letting what's going on around us to distract us from the task at hand.

Loyalty to our members in providing the best workout environment that we possible can for them.